Art projects and series of works by Tatiana Sirius

International street art project "Street eyes" and a series of paintings and graphic works by Tatiana Sirius
A series of paintings where the main characters are balloons

A series of paintings "Balloons"

The first works in the series were created in 2019 and began with "Fck!", "Shit!" and "Oops!" which were painted on small 20*20 cm acrylic canvases.
"Fck!", "Shit!" and "Oops!" are in private collections in Moscow and Philadelphia.

I went back to the balloon idea in 2022 and expanded the series, making it even more realistic.
The first painting to revive the series was "Ass!"
"Ass!" is in a private collection in Moscow.
The next works were large paintings on canvases "Future" and "Dreams?
"Future" is in a private collection in Germany.
The series of works will continue.
A series of paintings using maps of different countries

A series of paintings "Maps"

In the concept of the Maps series Tatiana Sirius invites the viewer to think about the question "how the place of birth and place of life affect the character, his fate and social activity".

For the background of the portraits the artist uses a collage of maps of the area where the character was born, lived, or spent some important part of his or her life.

Illustration project for my poems using the Midjourney neural network

Project "Midjourney poetry"

For the project, I chose 10 of my poems written between 2016 and 2022. In order for the neural network to understand the poetic language, I reduced the poems to theses and images used in them.
Then I translated them into English and started playing with the neural network, experimenting with word order and synonyms.
The project includes 10 poems with the most understandable for the machine intelligence word images, which are realistic to visualize. I fully relied on the neural network to choose the artistic style, with no restrictions.
Two illustrations were generated for some of the poems, I could not choose which one I liked better.

Below are the resulting illustrations and the text of the poems in Russian and a free translation of the poems into English.
    Collaboration project with photographer Georgy Lanchevsky

    Project "Another dimension"

    The "Another dimension" project is a collaboration with the photographer Georgy Lansky, where I took some of his photos and added a "new dimension" to them. Georgy's photos were transformed into black and white color. The project uses photos of China and Russia, which Lanchevsky took during his travels.
    I used acrylic to create the "dimensions".The series of works is made on foam board of 40x60 cm.

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