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Tatiana Sirius is a contemporary artist from Moscow. Her paintings are hanging in the US, Canada, France, UK, Ireland and Switzerland.
"Freedom is the only thing that matters."

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Oil and acrylic paintings
Acrylic paintings on playing cards
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All of these oil and acrylic paitings were sold. I don't make copies.


Solo Exhibitions:
2022 - Cultural center "Port", Personal exhibition "MAPS". Surgut, Russia.
2019 - Art cluster East Veshnyaki, "Ex-spectator", Moscow, Russia.
2017 - Main Library, "T2', Zelenograd, Russia.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2024 Exhibition "Experimental Platform of Co-creation", Borsch Gallery, SOK space.
2024 International exhibition multimedia project "Black-White-Red", Moscow Center for Contemporary Arts "Art Comunna", Moscow, curators Evgeny Netra, Maria Bandurkina.
2024 New Year's tree in GUM, Red Line Gallery, Moscow.

2023 Arbuzz galery, "They are cats. And what's yours achivment?", Moscow, Russia.
2023 Red Line Gallery, Christmas tree, Moscow, Russia.
2023 Rumochnaya Zuzino, "Roots", Moscow, Russia.
2023 Gallery A3, "I'm an artist, that's how I see it". Moscow, Russia.
2023 Gallery "Nowhere but", ''Malevich pants". Moscow, Russia.

2022 - CTI Fabrika "Adaptants", Moscow, Russia.
2022 - Here at Taganka gallery, "Uh ti!", Moscow, Russia.

2021 - Winzavod Art market "Win Win 3", Moscow, Russia.
2021 - Here at Taganka gallery, "Starfall", Moscow, Russia.
2021 - NaZavod Gallery, "Female nature", Moscow, Russia.
2021 - Central Palace of Culture named after M. I. Kalinin, "Event horizon", Korolev, Russia.
2021 - Here at Taganka gallery, "The Earthman Watcher" Moscow, Russia.
2021 - Online auction "Lot TV", bidspirit.com

2020 - Rumochnaya Zuzino, "New Avant-gard", Moscow, Russia.
2020 - Here at Taganka gallery, "Krukrinoksy", Moscow, Russia.
2020 - OMGallery, "New Avangard", with support of Union of Russian artists, Moscow, Russia.

2019 - Zverevskiy Museum of contemporary art, "Self-portrait on the background of reality", Moscow, Russia.
2019 - Rumochnaya Zuzino, "Self-portrait, female vertion", Moscow, Russia.
2019 - CTI Fabrika, '44 cheerful siskins", Moscow, Russia.
2019 - Dordor Gallery, Auction, Moscow, Russia.
2019 - Artplay, KOT festival, Moscow, Russia.
2019 - Theatre on Vernadsky, unnamed, Moscow, Russia.

2018 - Mitino Gallery "That's nice the Moscow open space", Moscow, Russia.
2018 - International festival of fireworks, Moscow, Russia.
2018 - Pravda club, Festival "Glich Coronation", Moscow, Russia.
2018 - Lovely Loft, "Words", Moscow, Russia.
2018 - Here at Taganka gallery, "ARTmess," Moscow, Russia.
2018 - TNK ART Gallery, "Nude," Moscow, Russia.
2018 - Museum of Russian Art, Auctions, Moscow, Russia.

2017 - Winzavod, VGZT Auctions, Moscow, Russia.
2017 - Izvestiya Hall, Festival "Glich augmentation", Moscow, Russia.
2017 - Arthaim Gallery, "Openning", Moscow, Russia.

Public Collections:
"Unidentified" Museum of Russian Art. Moscow, Russia. Acquired 2018.

Private collections:
"Not very saint father", Andrey Trubnikov, the owner of Natura Siberica cosmetics. Acquired 2018.

"Self-portrait", "Over the edge", "Heaven's gate", Dmitry Trubnikov, the owner of "SoldOut gallery", Acquired 2018.

Publications and Media:
ART Stories #42, Moscow, 2019, p.12-13.
Chromart Magazine Issue January, Berlin, 2023, p.50-58

Member of the Following Organizations:
Art Group "Peredvizhnitsy", Joined 2019.
  • I've been following the page for a little while now, over a year, and have always appreciated the art for so inspiring. I recently noticed that three paintings were branded as cursed and that piqued my interest further into making a purchase. After checking them out from a far through the photos presented, I knew I had to have them. After a wonderful conversation about the pieces, the deal was done and in what must be a record time, the paintings arrived in a week!!! I unpacked them and was blown away at the detail and power of the pieces in person. They also came with the ability to hang them up right out of the box,although they will be framed, which was great! The last wall I had to fill now has 3 friends to welcome me into my home and remind me no matter how alone we may feel we never truly are. My whole experience with Tatiana was a pleasure and I can't be happier with everything. I will definitely purchase more pieces in the future and look forward to seeing her continued growth!
  • I am very happy with Tatiana's painting which now hangs in my home. The painting was even more beautiful in person. Thank you!!!
  • I love it! It arrived very quickly- esp. since it was coming from Russia to Michigan! It is being framed right now! Tatiana was great with her communication and she even sent me a free mermaid sketch!
  • Amazing picture by Tatiana. Painting arrived quickly and looks even better in person. Hoping to buy another from this amazing artist.
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